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Femi Otedola Ferrari Shopping

Reading Time: 4 minutes Femi Otedola Ferraris conversations sets Nigeria’s social media space on fire last week. What did he do? The Billionaire busionessman decided to take his daughters shopping, he crowned it all when he got them Ferraris’ as gifts. The mob mentality in many Nigerians have made many people blame themselves for possessing distinguished character and brilliance. Well, you are not alone, there are different people who are finding themselves in this precarious situation. Blame game Sadly this

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POETRY: My Diary Of Dreams

Reading Time: < 1 minute Please join me as I undress the diary of my dreams Unhooking the buttons that shield from your rearview. On page one, my tears filled the half-page Splashing into the second page And shattering the third page. On the fourth Page, are comforting words Spewing from the mouth of my helpless mother With her tongue dancing like Micheal Jackson And dangling unclad with rage. On the Fifth page, Are painted portraits of my fears Soaked in

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somewhere in Nigeria

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are broken bottles  Of dreams of boys and girls of tomorrow Carefully arranged in crates & coffins By marauding Fulani herdsmen Somewhere in Nigeria, There are IDP’s suffering boredom from the tranches of their dorm Somewhere in Nigeria A billion naira dream gets aborteLike a foetus sent on a suicide mission By the sound of a gun Boom ! Gbim ! It goes in that area Somewhere in Nigeria, Nigerians, Christians and Muslims are

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Top Chrome Extensions You Should Add To Your Web Browser

Top chrome extensions

Reading Time: 3 minutes The experience of surfing the internet has been made easier through the availability of Chrome extensions. Still many are unaware of what these extensions can do for them while they work online. Coming from a background of a writer, I have taken conscious steps to improve myself in this field. Indeed to be a truly successful writer, there are many things to learn that asides writing and freelancing. In this article, I have decided to list

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How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Creating a digital marketing strategy is not child’s play, to do that you have to be on top of your game. The question is how can you create an effective digital marketing strategy for your clients, business or products? In this simplified article, I have taken it on myself to show you how to go about it with an example I created from the scracth. Business Name : Emmanuel TechnologyLocation : Ikeja, Lagos Brand Identity: We

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How To Protect Your Eyes If You Use Smartphones Often

how to protect your eyes if you use smartphones often

Reading Time: 2 minutes How can you protect your eyes when using smartphone? Eye disease can increase by the use of smartphones especially by the young adults who are more or less addicted to gadgets. While we all are aware that the constant usage of smartphones, tablets and other electronic items have an adverse effect on our eyes, we really don’t do much about it. This is because our lifestyle and work simply don’t allow us to discard these devices.

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Coronavirus In Nigeria: Communication As A Weapon For Virus Fight

communication minister in the fight against coronavirus

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can communication be used o fight the spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria? The coronavirus pandemic is spreading at an unprecedented level in Nigeria due to flagrant disregard by the downtrodden in the country. Since there is no known cure yet for the virus, the effective ways is to contain the spread of the virus. But how can communication help in the fight against the coronavirus spread in Nigeria? Communication in its simplest form is

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TECHNOLOGY: How To Stay Safe Amid Tech Disruption

how to stay safe during tech disruption

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can you stay safe amid all the tech disruption in the world? As you all get excited at the growth of technology, there are other side effects of that is gradually becoming a reality. They are the health risk that awaits employees and tech individuals while carrying their job duties. Tech disruption is good for the progress of humanity and the advancement of the key aspects of human life. But the major burning issue is

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Nigeria: Why The Rush To Reopen Religious Houses?

relious house reopening

Reading Time: 2 minutes After the government of Nigeria eased the lockdown imposed in some parts of the country, there has been a call for the opening of religious houses such as the churches and mosques by adherents and leaders of these two faiths. But is it not too early for the country to open up religious centres for the citizen considering the fact that Nigeria cannot afford a full-blown infections s Religious but ungodly Nigerians are undoubtedly religious and

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Writing Skill: A Brief On The Journey So Far

writing skill

Reading Time: 2 minutes The skill of writing if polished and properly sharpened can change the mindset of an individual, groups and community. There is virtually anything done today that does not involve writing. Also what picks your interest in the products displayed on Jumai is because of the copywriting description. Maybe we should say content. So there is a need to develop that skill, while some write just for fun, others write to inspire. Why do I write? The

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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Replace Humans?

Artificial Intelligence: Can AI replace Human

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can Artificial Intelligence replace humans? The question on the lips of many as Artificial Intelligence is making its way into our world is if it has come to replace humans in the scheme of things. Artificial Intelligence can be said to be the goal of creating artefacts that are intelligent and self-conscious just like humans are. background analysis The first reason why AI can never have a soul is that it is being programmed by humans.

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How To Protect Your Online Privacy

how to protect your online privacy

Reading Time: 9 minutes Many people are just online to connect with their friends, search for information without knowing how to protect their privacy online. These people are preys to hackers who are always ready to steal their information and data.The problem is that bad actors know and rely on this fact, and that’s why there’s been a steady rise in identity theft cases from 2013 to 2017. The victims of these cases often suffer a loss of reputation or financial woes.If

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